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Tip-Top Rental Cars for Venice Airport

Venice Airport is known actually by its original name as Venice Marco Polo Airport which is situated on the Italian mainland at a distance of 4.3 NM towards north of the Venice city in Italy. The best option is to opt for our car rental services that are available from best suppliers around. The international code name of the airport is VCE. This airport has been named in honor of the Venetian traveler Marco Polo. His books were introduced in Central Asia and China to Europeans. VCE provides both passenger and cargo flights.

You can explore the San Giovanni e Paolo which is a big Dominican Church having the tombs of many Doges. It is known for sharing its piazza with the lovely Renaissance facade of the Scuola San Marco. Another awesome attraction is the Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari. It is popular as a big friary church. Other must visit places are Santa Maria dei Miracoli and San Simeone Piccolo. People love to view the Clock tower which is fascinating. It is advised to rent a car to have best view of the Scuola grande di San Rocco.

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